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Lion Garage Door Opener Services – How good are they?


If you already invested in a decent garage door opener you’re probably familiar with the idea behind it, which is to ensure that you can get in and out of your garage effortlessly. Not only are these doors extremely convenient but also firm enough to protect your most valuable possessions. With automated door openers, you don’t have to leave your vehicle and you can remain in the comfort of your seat while you drive your car in and out. Garage doors, like any other product, change in a rapid manner in order to provide people with security and comfort.  Nowadays, there is an ongoing worldwide epidemic of replacing manual doors with their automated counterparts.  As the industry of garage door openers thrived in the recent years so did their products’ versatility. Some of the world’s leading manufacturers such as Chamberlain, Craftsman, Liftmaster, and Genie offer us their complex products in their entirety.


garage door opener


    Sophisticated as their design is, it’s not without flaws and can be easily marred by a sheer number of damaging factors. If not maintained properly, the damage can be permanent and quite irreversible. Due to their complexity, they can be very difficult to repair. Any self-driven attempts should be avoided in order to prevent further damage. Fortunately, there are various companies that are specialized in garage door opener maintenance and repair. We had a chance to take a look at how well Lion Garage Door – Garage Service operates. Here’s what we think.


Why should you choose Lion Garage Doors?  


    Lion Garage Door’s employees and technicians have been fully trained and certified to complete their assignments promptly and reliably. The problem with most companies is that their technicians do not meet the required level of training to perform their duties effectively. This usually results in not repairing the product the way it should have been repaired. In some cases, these technicians only prolong the lifespan of a garage door opener by performing a rushed mediocre repair. Lion Garage Door stresses out the importance of fully examining each broken garage door opener and narrowing down the problem until it’s been completely resolved. The whole company is fully licensed, insured and bonded. If something bad happens during a repair, both parties are under protection.


    Lion Garage Door technicians can even perform a 25-point free safety inspection in order to check the proper installation and performance of your door. First, they check the overall structure of the garage door opener after which they focus on the internal structure (electronics). Examinations of the hardware provide insight into horizontal and vertical track positions. They make sure that vertical tracks remain straight while horizontal retain their slanted position. Hardware is not the only thing that’s in the spotlight. They pay equal attention to electronic systems as well. Those smaller components like electronic parts might not seem that much big of a deal, but they are an integral part of an operable unit. This company uses brand new high-quality parts to fix the doors and replaces everything that needs replacing.


    Next to these services, Lion Garage Doors offers maintenance service as well. If you’re not sure how you’re supposed to clean your garage door opener, then leave it to their skilled hands. They’ll make sure to lubricate everything accordingly.

Now, you might think that they charge extra for their services. That would be a justified assumption, as it would be logical. On the contrary, no extra fee is applied for the repairs that they do during weekends and evenings. Another interesting thing to note is that this company does not work in regular 9-to-5 working hours. They are non-stop available. You can call in at any time of the day and their 24/7 customer call service will dispatch their technicians your way as soon as possible.

    If your garage door squeaks or is simply stuck, a good idea would be to call Lion Garage Door Virginia OR Lion Garage Door North Carolina and hire them to fix it for you. You’ll definitely get a good deal for whatever needs repairing.




Common parts problems related to garage door openers


    Since we briefly mentioned how reliable the company’s working model is, let’s take a look at the several possible causes that this company repairs effectively. There are many things that could go wrong in a matter of seconds. In that regard, we will divide this section into two parts: the mechanics and electronics. By listing the issues here we hope that we will raise your awareness to at least some extent.


    Mechanic aspect (Hardware) includes parts such as tracks, springs, rollers, and hinges. These all represent the unit’s skeleton and they require working in unison in order for the whole door opener system to operate. People usually make mistake and overlook things. They focus on the big parts of the unit and think that they are the only ones that matter.


    Garage door springs are equally important. There are two types: extension springs (which are situated above the upper tracks) and garage door torsion springs (which are attached a little above the closed door). The springs are usually under tension and are prone to breaking because they are so tightly wound. Their purpose is to act as a counterweight. Each spring has a limited number of uses, so it’s normal for it to break after a period of time.



    Another common issue related to springs is that they can be out of balance. To test this, you can attempt to operate the door manually. If operating the door by hand is hard then that’s how you know that your springs need re-balancing. As mentioned above, these springs are constantly under a lot of tension and are extremely difficult to work with. This is why these are not DIY garage door repair friendly repairs. It’s best to leave it to Lion Garage Doors‘ professionals. Otherwise, you endanger your own safety as well as that of the others.


    Tracks can also be a serious issue. You need to make sure that both horizontal and vertical tracks are not misaligned. If horizontal tracks fall out of alignment there is a risk of the whole door coming off of its hinges. You can reverse this and put it back in place if you make sure that the distance between horizontal tracks is in parallel. You can only accomplish this if the rollers still remain in the tracks. If the door has completely fallen to the ground it’s best to call their professional because it’s too risky to try to do anything on your own.

    Another way to prevent this is if you regularly maintain and lubricate the tracks. Try to see if there is any dirt or debris along the tracks where the wheels run and clean it if possible. Lion Garage Door technicians often identify dirty tracks by noticing the loud screeching, grinding and squealing noises that are coming from the garage door opener.


    Tension cables serve to help lower your garage door in a safe manner. When not working properly it poses a huge threat. This company can fix and replace broken cables just as good as the rest issues. There is a great risk of injury to those who operate the doors. The whole door can collapse rapidly on the ground if the cables break down or if the springs are loose enough. The result is a loud bang when it hits the ground. The cables forcibly fly out in random directions and can cause serious injuries to any within their reach. Due to its weight, the situation could become so serious that it’s almost impossible to operate the door. We strongly advise against any attempt to fix this on your own.


    We shall move on to issues that are more frequent than the ones we mentioned. These mostly refer to the product’s electronics. There are multiple ways to fix these issues. You can even repair some of them on your own, without having to consult anyone if you’re confident enough. One of the most basic problems regarding garage doors that severely impair its functionality is related to its photo eye or transmitter batteries.


    The photo eyes emit an invisible beam that serves as a means of detecting if someone is passing under the closing garage door. The photo eyes often get dirty over time which is one of the reasons as to why this might be happening. Cleaning can be a bit tricky as you have to make sure not to scratch the eyes. By using a soft cloth and a good streak-free cleaner, Lion Garage Door opener maintenance teams can easily fix this. Another reason refers to misalignment. The door usually opens normally but does not close when you press the remote. The eyes require pointing at a certain angle in order for the whole system to work properly.


    It might seem like we’re stating the obvious here, but garage door transmitters highly depend on a power source. If your batteries are empty, they cannot send a signal to your garage door. Therefore, the door does not open. This is the only DIY method that we approve as it requires minimal effort. You can slide the door on the back of the transmitter and simply replace the batteries. However, some transmitters have screws on their back plates to help secure the battery.  






Avoid DIY methods


We’ve established the fact that there’s no need to engage garage door opener issues without the appropriate knowledge or skill. What should be your focus is definitely your own safety. Even if you’re trying to fix something on your own, there is a risk of causing further damage. These DIY (do it yourself) methods might work in some cases but not always. It’s best to try and determine if there’s an obstacle that you can tackle on your own or if it’s time to call in Lion Garage Doors Service.


    Professionals know what they are doing and they always carry appropriate tools with them, which you might not have. They also know how to detect and approach the problem once its nature is established. These technicians can work with absolutely any type of a garage door material (wooden doors, glass doors, residential doors, etc.) They will thoroughly check the door’s hardware and search for any problems with the metal tracks and mounting brackets. After this, they examine the electronics (the photo eyes, disconnect switches, circuit boards, transmitters, etc.) In the end, technicians corner the problem and resolve it in a safe manner.








    To conclude this rather lengthy text, we’ll give you a short summary of what we’ve discussed. Our main goal is to emphasize the importance of consulting someone who is a professional if you encounter issues with your garage door. What we do not encourage is to try to fix things on your own without the appropriate knowledge or skill.

Automated garage door openers are still evolving. During this process, it’s normal that there is still some open space for improvements. Garage door manufacturers are constantly trying to perfect their products. Like most other products, they are not perfect and require constant maintenance. There are many things that could go wrong with a garage door. These issues can be related to the overall construction of the door opener or the electronic system. There are many companies that deal with this type of work, as was the subject of our text.


    This company has proven to be an effective solution when it comes to dealing with problems of this nature. Their highly trained technicians have been in that field of work for years and definitely know what they’re doing.

We think that their services come at a reasonable price as they do not charge extra for repairs that they complete during weekends or evenings. Unlike most companies which operate within the boundaries of standard 9-to-5 hour work time, Lion Garage Door Service operates always. In case you’re having problems with your garage door and you’re not sure what to do about it, contact Lion Garage Door Service and they will definitely help you.

Garage Door Repair Virginia Beach area customers can call to (757) 785-4417

Garage Door Repair Raleigh NC area customers can call to (919) 410-7911

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